Oral Cancer

      Things To Look Out For

      swanley dental practice

      Difficulty swallowing or moving the tongue

      swanley dental practice

      Development of white or red patches in the mouth, lips or gums

      swanley dental practice

      Unexplained bleeding in the mouth

      swanley dental practice

      Change in the way your teeth or jaws fit together

      swanley dental practice

      Ear pain

      swanley dental practice

      If you have any of these symptoms, call us now on 020 8894 6591

      If you have any of these symptoms, book an appointment for an oral cancer screening

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        Following the latest government and NHS guidelines on the 4th January 2021, our practice will remain OPEN for face to face appointments.

        If you are in pain or need to be seen urgently please call 020 8894 6591 or email