Dermal Fillers

    The face and body relies on a good support system under the skin to look healthy.

    Dermal fillers are used to replace this lost volume back under the skin to redefine important structures and reduce unwanted wrinkles and folds. This process requires great skill and planning, something which we pride ourselves on.


    As we get older, this structural support under our skin gets weaker. There is a loss of the healthy fat under the skin and it sags downwards to create unwanted bulges and lines (“folds”). These changes in the face are often obvious but other treatable areas such as the neck and hands are often a tell tale sign of this.

    What type of dermal fillers are used?

    We only use high quality fillers containing hyaluronic acid; this is a key natural component already in our skin, which decreases as we age.

    When do I see results?

    The effects can be seen almost immediately. A follow up appointment will be kept to ensure that treatment has been successful.

    How long does this treatment take?

    There is no downtime on the day and you can go home or even back to work after treatment. There may some swelling after the procedure but this is temporary and we will give you advice on how to minimise this.

    Do filler treatments cause pain?

    Before your treatment, we will use techniques to temporarily numb the skin where you will have your treatments. This can include the lips. We keep our patients comfortable and these procedures are tolerated well.

    “I feel like I was really listened to and got my cheeks and lips done really nicely. I was scared to have too much treatment, but the facial aesthetics clinicians knew what was best for me”

    Mrs J. R.

    Book a consultation now to see how facial aesthetics can improve your skin appearance today.

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