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    Dental Beauty understands that not everyone can afford fixed implants, and in some cases the best way of restoring your smile is with cosmetic dentures. Our dentists will take all the necessary steps, using the latest clinical techniques, materials and knowledge of smile design to provide you with a youthful smile again that feel is comfortable as your original teeth!

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    How are Dentures made?


    Firstly, your dentist will take some moulds of your teeth and gums to enable him to make a custom fitted impression trays for superior impressions to be taken.

    Secondary Impressions and Bite Registration

    Using the custom fitted trays, the dentist will take a second set of impressions to ensure everything is recorded to a high level of accuracy. Then the dentist will record the way you bite using the latest clinical techniques

    Try In

    This is a chance for you to decide whether the dentures are the correct size and shape, and feel like your old teeth again. This is a chance for you to give any feedback and to allow our dedicated dentist to make any last minute changes to the denture before the final fit.

    Final Fit

    This is when you will receive your final dentures, which will be fitted, and you will be able to walk out of the surgery with a new youthful smile!

    “I’ve seen a few different dentists over the years and have had a few sets of dentures made, but Dental Beauty dentures feel the best”

    Mrs C. H.

    Book a consultation now to see how dentures can bring back your smile and help you eat with comfort again.

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